Kingfisher Woodworking

Kingfisher Woodworking is home for any custom-built item you may need. You may have seen a picture of a beautiful piece of furniture, but you cannot find it in the store. Perhaps you would like to replicate a family heirloom that could never be found in a store. Whether it is a fine piece of furniture, bookshelves, a mantle, kitchen cabinets, or a majestic front door, we can build it for you.

Kingfisher Woodworking: How We Came to Be

Kingfisher Woodworking is a result of a true labor of love for craftsmanship and woodworking. Chris Bates has been building homes and furniture since he was in college. Read More

Kingfisher Woodworking is a division of Kingfisher Construction

Kingfisher Woodworking is an extension of Kingfisher Construction. Please link here to view our Kingfisher Construction site. Read More